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Spiritual Rebel welcomes and embraces all that we feel is necessary to change the world for the better. For the ones who aren't afraid to think big or act differently, and don’t take themselves too seriously. For the ones who enjoy life and spread love everywhere, but aren't afraid to make waves.

Wave-makers, Love-creators, Peace-makers and Rebels - We would love to have you here.

Wanna know more about our Mission, Core Values and our Why?

Our mission is simple. May All Beings Live A 50% Fuck it, 50% Namasté Lifestyle.

It is our big audacious goal to create 25 waves before the end of 2025. Waves that have a positive impact on ourselves, the lives of others, and on a bigger scale, our sacred Mother Earth. 

To refund money for creating the waves, we offer kick-ass gear inspired by great influencers. We will use the profit for the projects which will make the waves possible. 

Everything that we do, is always in line with our Spiritual Rebel Core Values. We love to share them with you. Spiritual Rebels are:


  • We create waves that have a positive impact on ourselves, on the lives of others, and on a bigger scale, our sacred Mother Earth.
  • We powerfully move forward, leaving the bullshit behind.


  • We do it with love and truth, or we don't do it at all. This is how we create.
  • We have a lot of fun while putting in the work.


  • We push hard for our desires, but also choose to flow with change.
  • We like to think big, but we also love and accept what is.


  • We maintain the freedom we were born with. 
  • We choose to set ourself free in our joy, our pleasure, and our authenticity.


Spiritual Rebel is a calling.

We love to connect with other Spiritual Rebels.

We want to create a worldwide community of Wave-makers, Love-creators, Flow-riders and Freedom-keepers.

Because we believe that’s what the world needs right now. And because we care.

For us, it’s a calling… 

We love to have you here…

One life, one shot

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